Peace, Love, and Dragonflies is a project started in honor of my beautiful baby boy Aiden William. After I lost Aiden and bean blogging I wanted to make a perfect space for me and my little man. When Franchescha was designing my personal blog page we picked a lovely scrapbook set called Lilac Mist.  I didn't notice the set contained a dragonfly until Fran put together my blog header and there it was!  I loved it so much and it just struck a chord with me.  I wasn't sure why at the time but I loved this little dragonfly.  It reminded me of Aiden....beautiful, small, flying free.  So the dragonfly got added to all the sidebar titles as well.  I wanted to see more of it on the blog :)

Shortly after this I was doing some research on dragonfly symbolism and I found the Dragonfly Story which you can read here. After doing some more searching and found the following words that the dragonfly symbolizes:
Good Luck

These words speak to me because the dragonfly represents so much. My son- peace, purity, joy. My journey to a normal life without him- strength, harmony.  I pray that this also symbolizes prosperity and good luck for my husband and I as we continue this journey to expand our family. Most importantly the dragonfly symbolizes for me love...the love I share with my son.

I love that the dragonfly has found me....I really believe Aiden sent this symbol to me to help me in my grieving process and throughout this life I will have to live without him. We see dragonflies all the time!  And I love it!  It's like my baby boy is saying "Hey mom! I love you!"

Our site offers The Dragonfly Story placed on beautiful hand decorated cards.  These cards can be purchased for an individual family to remember their child or for groups/organizations that create and donate memory boxes.  These are perfect for memory boxes as a way to help grieving families and will be included in all Hope Boxes donated as a part of Aiden's Hope.  You can request cards now through the Dragonfly Request page.

We also create beautiful handmade dragonfly ornaments in honor of your precious angel.  The dragonflies can be made in almost any color you would like. We are currently working on our ornament stock and these will be available for purchase in a few weeks.  Please check back for our Dragonfly Gallery- it will be posted soon!  There you'll be able to find examples of colors for the ornaments.

I hope that this project will bring a smile to the hearts of other families grieving the loss their precious angels. I pray for you all peace and strength on your path to healing.

With Much Love

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